Friday, 29 May 2009

Exam time!!!

You are being quite (online) for the moment, but then again, you never seem to be spend much time online on Thursdays and Fridays - I do wonder what you are up to?

I know that your semester is about to come to an end, and you should, over the next couple of weeks have exams. I remember how much I hated them and how nervous I was before some of them - are you the same???

Hopefully, if my information regarding your (adoptive) parents professions is right, you should be well prepared for exam pressures. But then again, you might feel under more pressure - I hope not.

I remember one particular year - I had about 6 exams. With one of my subjects - maths - I felt that I had not done as good as I should through the year, and decided that I would study properly for the exam, so my overall mark was improved. So, I started revising about 3 weeks before the exam and thought I was properly prepared.

On the day of the exam, I couldn't sleep and after about 3 cups of coffee decided that me and the dog needed to go for a jog (can't believe I used to that regularly). When I finally get to the exam, I spent the full allotted time (something I never normally did). However, when I got my results, I had barely got a passing grade. But the same year, in one of my other subjects - I think it was law - I hadn't even bothered to revising and when I had finished, I sat there twiddling my thumbs until I was allowed to leave. I got top marks on that one - strange but normal for me.

So here I am wondering, with your exams shortly upon you - how you are preparing yourself? Are you getting your head down and studying hard or are you distracted by stuff (like girls) around you!!

Just in case you read this before your exams: just make sure you prepare yourself in a way you know works for you. And don't put too much pressure on yourself (or allow others to do so).

Another thing I'm wondering is, have I got your course right, if I have, this is only your first year of four. But if, I have got it wrong, my planned September trip might be a waste of time - I have assumed that you will be back at the same uni in September for your second year - I just have to wait and see.

Because I know you have exams coming up, I have resisted doing anything that might affect you. So no matter how strong my urge is - contacting you is out of the question for the moment, next month it might be different.

I still hope that your (adoptive) dad will come to his senses over the summer and pass on my letter to you - I just wish he would have let me know what he intend to do. Why couldn't he either just have told me:
  1. that you was not told yet but they were intending to tell you later
  2. or, that you knew and you did not want to have contact with me.
Knowing either of those two things, would have been much easier to deal with rather than the current limbo I'm in.

But for now, I have planned a night with with some of the girls, so hopefully that should distract me for a few hours.

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