Saturday, 23 May 2009

Worried I do something stupid

Better do a blog tonight rather than do something stupid like, adding you as friend (sorry I was not intending to to point out that I found you on FaceBook, rather than Bebo, Hi5 or MySpace - but since most to the worlds population is on there I don't think it matters).

But tonight I have had a few hours to properly read to most of the birth mother's blogs and the webrings I joined. I have also signed up for this reunion e-course I found - its great and free - but I cannot believe that some people would have paid 100s pounds for something like this. Sorry another link but its worth signing up for this - the link is I just wish I found this before I tried to find you.

You see, for now I am being told to do a couple of things:
  1. contact you directly through Facebook - not an option I'm in favor of.
  2. write to your (adoptive) dad again - just to let him know I'm not giving up meeting you - I think I have made that point clear already.
  3. writing to you mum - if my information is correct and your (adoptive) parents are divorced I still would hope that your dad have told her. But I'm thinking if option 4 does not pan out that this would be best.
  4. turning up in Greece in September - what I would prefer (wishful thinking I assume) is that I would bump into you in the street and you would "know" me.

Actually, what I hoping would happened is that due to exams etc that your (adoptive) parents would realised that I will not give up before you can make your own mind up and tell you over the summer.

Meanwhile, I have Googled any which way I can think you might find me and sorry unless either your (adoptive) parents tell you or I approach you, I'm worried you would never find out.

So anyone else out there in my son's or my situation please, give me some tips in how to proceed!!!

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