Sunday, 20 April 2014

Birth Mother / Parents Support Group London

Despite a number of Google searches I still cannot find a support group for birth parents in London...can you believe a city as large as London...I cannot find a support group?

All I want is an opportunity to once every couple of weeks...maybe even just once or twice a meet up with someone like me...someone who has a story I can relate to, who can understand some of my that too much to ask for?

OK, I'm very lucky..I do have a fellow birth mother who I can actually hug or be hugged by...but the both of us felt like we were the only ones..yet our stories are so different and yet similar...still..there are so many more like us out there...why is there no agency giving us support...there are plenty for the aparents.

So in my wisdom, as little as I have of it...I would like to invite anyone how find this blog from searching for a birth parents support group in London, please contact me through this blog....let us just get together and have a coffee or something...lets share our experiences, you never might help me understand my journey or I might help you understand yours.

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