Thursday, 23 September 2010

It's done!!

So I have finally done it... and got the tattoo, I thought it would be much more painful than it was. Of course, it was a bit painful but as they say no pain no gain.

I'm not putting a picture on here but you still might see it on FB. I'm still wonder sometimes if you know and that is why you added Cousin 1 as a friend on there. If you know, you might look at my profile and you will then see the tattoo. Anyway just so you know Ο γιος μου, είστε πάντα στην καρδιά μου

Sunday, 5 September 2010

OK, I have been quite for a while

It has been loads of thing happening lately.... which is partly why I haven't posted for a while.

Since I last posted, I spent some time with the family... even got to met your Cousin's 2 & 3 and as always it it lovely to see your Cousin's 1 & 4. It was funny, your cousin 3 asked about you and your BF - I had to admit that your BF was a bit of a mistake... not that you was ever one, I just wish that your BF had been Ray - how different life would have been then!

Anyway, for a while (actually for the past 20 odd years) I have been thinking about getting a tattoo and have finally decided to bite the bullet and getting myself inked. So Ray and your names are being immortalised on my body. Cannot believe I'm going to do it and some folks thinks its silly... then again it is something which means a load to me - after much deliberation I'm going for the my favourite version of your name... not sure if it is the version you prefer, I just hope you one day get to appreciate it.

I also think I got some great news from my friend in Greece... she just gave me the impression that when you reach a certain age I can contact you. That has just taken a massive weight off my shoulders. As I said to her, if you don't want to have contact with me (I would be disappointed of course) it will be your choice... it is all about your right to choose to have contact or not. Here's to hoping XD

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