Saturday, 10 November 2012


On the forum I am on we have been discussion how great it would be to have a symbol for adoption, I know there are some other symbols out there.  The discussion was to find a symbol which could represent Adoption Awareness and be discrete with a lot of mean.  After all, not everyone involved in adoption are as open as my fellow bloggers/posters and myself.

So one of the posters suggested the Forget-me-not flower as symbol of our involvement in adoption, whether we are a birth parent, adoptee or even an adoptive parent.  Something along the lines of a little a lapel pin and we all loved the idea.

The flower after all stands for true love, remembrance and memories... what better way to say that our love for our child (birth family) will always be locked in our heart, that we will always remember our children (birth family) and they are never far from our thoughts.

I found this lovely photo of forget-me-not and think that this would be a lovely symbol for adoption.

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