Monday, 16 January 2017

So now you know.

You now know about me and this blog...I hope that you take the time to read it one day.  What is written on here is how I felt at the moment the post was written, sometimes when I wrote something I was an emotional wreck, other times extremely happy and sometimes I even wrote stuff after a glass or two of too much wine.

The blog was started because I wanted you to see the journey I am on when it comes to you...also, if it helps anyone in our situation that they knew they were not alone, others have similar experiences to me.

I cannot apologise enough to springing this on you, but you have the right to know about you history and to have access to any medical history you might need in the future.

The initial message to you was sent from my "other" FB profile, not because I wanted to hide anything from you...that profile was set up using the name on your birth certificate in case you were searching.  You might not have know about my married name unless someone told you, so when I sent you the message, I used that profile, in case you already had that name.  Unless you want me to keep that profile, I will use my normal profile in the future, if you allow me to have contact with you.

You are definitely not a secret in my life, those close to me knows what I know about you...those who are not that close know I have a (soon to be ) 26 year old son who lives in Greece.

Hopefully, you will be able to forgive me for bringing you on this emotional roller-coaster without will be angry with me at times, other times (I hope) we might be able to have good relationship, sometimes you might want nothing to do with me and others you might want me there with you...I will not go anywhere, I will stay away when you need me to and be there for you when you allow me to be.

Απλά ξέρω, εγώ θα αγαπάω πάντοτε

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