Sunday, 8 May 2016

Mother's days - you are kidding me

So today is sort of the international Mother's Day, but heck what does it celebrate?

Actually yesterday, in the USA they had this silly thing called birth mother;s day...Gentle Care etc you are bull....t

For me, yesterday and today is the fourth time this year I have been reminded that I failed.  You see, as a Norwegian my official Mother's day was 14th February, then because I live in the UK my Mother's day was the 8th March and as my son lives in Greece it is today...and not forgetting that horrible thing that the Americans have come up with which is Birthmothers's day,

Do you have to remind me how much I failed as to mother to my son? I do not want one day to be reminded that I failed my son, what I would love is one day that my son acknowledge that I'm his mother.

Then again, the person, this day wants me to celebrate being my mother, is a person who failed me totally, still I would like to thank her for being my mum and to my two other mums...I love you all....

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