Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Believing in fate

I have been trying to figure out what my belief system is... I'm not religious, more philosophical in what I believe in.  I had always thought of myself as an agnostic, but the other day a friend and I had a discussion about fate and found that I'm a strong believer in fate.

For me fate is what shapes me, it was fate which gave you life, it was fate who took Radouane from me, it was fate that brought me his family back and one day I hope that fate will allow us to meet.

Faith for me is hope... so in essence I have faith in my fate.

It is funny that my belief system actually mirror the Greek philosophy, both modern and ancient...

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Girl with the Pearl Earring

This is a fairly odd one... but the Girl with the Pearl Earring is one of my favourite painting of all time... actually the movie ain't bad either.

But then again... when you look at the picture you look at the girl's eyes you can see the hurt in there... at the same time she is so is like you are looking at the way I sometimes feel... I do try be the serene person but you still can see the hurt in my eyes.

Tried to put a picture of the painting on here but having a problem with that so here is a link to the picture

Anyway, I have decided that she is a birth mother who is looking at her child from a distance.. the way I look at you.. she is looking at someone lost with love and echoing what I feel.  You are so close but so far away. agapoo yios

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