Wednesday, 25 November 2009

What now... the Jeremy Kyle show????

Here in England we have this guy on TV called Jeremy Kyle... I have to admit I love watching his show... it just proves that I'm normal - I think!!!!!! (For your Americans - think Jerry Springer with verbal assaults rather than physical)

Anyway.. our lives could be an episode of the Jeremy Kyle show or a whole season!!

First Episode - my mother and me - our friend Jeremy might agree with me - I was never given a good example to follow... but then again my mother made me ... I cannot thank her enough for that and I do like me now...

Episode Two - how I met your father - for this one its simple and I cannot emphasise this enough, you was the best mistake ever..looking back I would loved to have kept you but is wasn't meant to be and you father and I could never have been your proper parents. When I was expecting you, if someone honestly would have said the three of us would be together forever - I still wouldn't have believed them. My decision to place you with your parents will always been the right one.

Episode Three - I cannot move on - sorry but after Ray's death I cannot move on and met someone new... I just think that Ray was the Cream of the Crop - he would always be the person the next man in my life can never measure up to - then again it has to be a special one to sweep me off my feet. Also Ray accepted you in whatever shape or form you would take. As I have said, Ray was your "father".

Episode Four - Move One - this episdoe is where Jeremy's aftercare team would have told me that I'm screwed, I need therapy etc... all of them was right... but my therapy is my friends - the ones I can talk to I mean, I don't think I do need conventional therapy.

Episode Five, Six,Seven etc... we are a strange but normal family (the Algerian branch) so we will have all that my Sister/Brother don't like my partner etc...all of the normal family situations applies to us.

Last Episode - Reunion - in this episode it's fairytale land, this is where what I want and what would happened is so far away from each other that I would not even consider the outcome of this one.

But as I said (by the way Jeremy Kyle staffers - my life story is not for sale but if you get us together I might consider it) Nor do I think your is either. But here is where I need a show could, otherwise how can I make contact...

You reader any suggestions??

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