Sunday, 30 October 2011

Us birth mothers as a voice too

I finding it odd that when us birth mothers blog about our personal feelings...some think that we shouldn't express them... that our voices is not "valid" to them...but seriously, if you don't like what someone write on their blog just comment with "I don't agree with you" or even better don't say anything... someone's blog is often their outlet for feeling and thoughts cannot express in the real world (this is at least true for me).

For me, reading about one birth mothers good or bad experience is valuable and I'm sure that it is the same of many who are affected by adoption.

So to my fellow birth mothers... keep blogging about your experiences good or bad... for the ones of you who don't agree with what we write... get off our blogs and don't read them and for goodness sake... don't make assumptions that you know us and the circumstance of our life on your own blog.

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