Tuesday, 12 July 2011

In Greece

Ok, I have arrived in Greece... but as I have said before I do not expect to get to meet you... although that is the one thing I want more than anything.

So, I'm planning to be a total tourist.. you know see all the sights run around with my camera and take loads of photos.

I still hope to catch a glimpse of you, but the main thing I'm here for is to lay the ground work for contacting you next year. You see I am trying to be sensible. If I see you, I'm not sure if I will have the courage to go up and speak to you - I have however learnt how to take each day as it come and hope for the best. At least, I will get to go somewhere you have been - a lot of people would not understand significance of that but it is important to me.

So for now, from the tourist love you kiddo

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