Wednesday, 22 June 2011

A New Day

I have felt down over the past couple of days and then I found this poem and it gave me hope

A New Day

By Alex Moskios

Yesterday it hurt so much that I could scream,

Rolled up in bed in pain and despair,

But today, by the living gods, I can hold my own,

For time – that great healer – has worked her wares,

And hope springs eternal, as the poet once put it

Yesterday the world seemed to be coming to its ending,

Myriad kisses lost on lips that lacked the sense of taste,

And every earthly beauty a fallen shire

On broken hearts and empty heads like mine.

Yesterday it would have been improper to be wise,

For cupid, that winged god, was sadden and despaired,

But today, by the great gods, a new shun shines,

And the morrow holds new joys for our hearts and minds.

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