Friday, 17 June 2011

So close yet so far

It has been awhile...

I haven't really written a lot lately because I'm planning a big trip where I hopefully get a chance to see you - probably not meet you but still.... better than nothing.

You see... I'm visiting Greece again soon... so for me catching a glimpse of you would be better than anything, of course meeting you would be fantastic, but my intention is to lay the ground work for contacting you next year.  I have even got you a present, now that was a hard one, what do you get you child you have never seen.  In one way I'm lucky in that I have a fair few friends your age and they all love what I got you, but whether you will like it when you finally get it I'm not sure.  The only thing I will say on here is that it is something we both like... actually I love, I hope you will appreciate it when you finally receive it.

My plan is simple, you are 21 next year and you will graduate your uni... so I thought that arranging for you got be given my present then would be good.

It is not that I would not love the chance to meet you when I'm in Greece... but I am going without expecting anything... that way should I been lucky enough to be able to meet you it will be a bonus.

For now best of luck with you exams

Love you loads kiddo

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