Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Jeremy it wrong yet again

Just watch an episode of the infamous Jeremy Kyle show and ended up yelling at my TV screen.

On today's show a young adopted man was brought on by his (adoptive) mother because he was lashing out against his family.   The story was, the young lad was adopted at the age of one by a lady, who had lost a previous child, and having fostered for a while wanted to adopt.  The lad had been in the foster care system for a while and apparently the (birth) mother had either lost him due to drug or had in fact died from drugs (I don't think it was clarified).  It was not that his adoption was secret and he said he was told when he was 8 years old.  The (adoptive) mother said it was earlier.  In his teens he had been violent, stolen and got into the whole drugs scene.  He had in fact ended up in prison and served his term and said he had now left that life behind him... and I say good for him.  According to the a.mum he was still into a "bad" boy and she had brought him on the show to sort it out.

What got me angry watching this was that both the adoptive mother and Jeremy Kyle did not listen to the lad.  He came across as genuinely sorry for his previous actions, in fact a bit embarrassed to have been brought on a national chat show.  Jeremy Kyle kept going on yelling at the lad with the words "You should be grateful this wonderful family has taken you in".  Could he have been any more insensitive???  Jeremy Kyle even had the nerve to say "You know the story about your biological mother and why do you want to go down the same route"  AAARGH!!!!

Maybe it because I have read the The Primal Wound I thought I recognised the whole scenario.  I could be wrong of course... but for me it appeared that the young lad and the a.mum would have benefited from reading The Primal Wound rather than going on the Jeremy Kyle show.

I just wanted jump though the TV screen and give the young lad a big hug... to me he was hurting and his lashing out was a way to express his hurt.. Maybe it because I want so much to contact you and to give you a hug, that my sympathies where with the young lad rather than with the a.mum.  I am also constantly worried about your feelings and hoping that you are not hurting in any way.

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