Monday, 29 June 2009

Short but sooo sweet

Met up with Little Brother today - even told him that I call him that on here - unfortunately we did not get enough time, as his incoming flight was late and his outgoing flight was on time. It should have been opposite.

Actually, yesterday he called me Sis and I did tell him thanks for that and he said I defenetly was his Sis.

He haven't "grown" that much he is the shortest of boys in The Family, but heck, he just looks like a smaller version of Ray, and I got a couple of hugs from a member of The Family. I did write a letter to Uma & Baba for him to translate to them, I had to make sure it was not to slushy and asked hin to pass on loads of hugs from me. Hopefully I get to speak to them this week, I do want to even if I can only do it with Little Brother translating, but is better than the last 14 years - cannot believe it has been that long.

When I showed him the pictures of you he did agree that you look like Ray, he has taken you photos - the ones you have posted on FB, and its one in particular which you really look like Ray. Not sure if he will show them to Uma and Baba, but I hope he will!

He said that they (Uman & Baba) is getting old, Baba is 75 and Uma 67 so if you ever is going to get to meet you grandparents I need to do something soon.

But then again, Little Brother and I talked about your older cousin (Cousin 1) - he is really wanting to meet you - apparently he is a bit of a rocker and I think you have similar taste in music. Anyway Cousin 1 has decided that he want to get to know you, he even found someone on my friends list he thought was and added them as a friend. I did have to let him down, but he had realised himself that the person on my friends list was not you, so he deleted him.

As Cousin 1 wants to be a journalist, I gave him some clues to your identify, but as I said to Little Brother, it is so tempting to just give Cousin 1 you FB details and then leave it in his hands. So you never know, you might get a friend request from Cousin 1 one day, he will be the one who would ask you loads of strange questions. But, then again, it might actually be the best option, he could then find out what you knew - sort of finding out a lay of the land as we say here, before I made direct contact.

Little Brother agreed you are part of The Family - that means that you have a massive family so this is a my atempt of a sort of family tree!

There is Big Brother - he is married and has two kids - forgot to get details, but its still time to find out.

Then there is Big Sis - she is single so no cousins there.

Then there is Weird Brother - The Family's black sheep - you have three cousins from him, but it seems that both Little Brother and I both agree - he is definetly a Weird one and neither of us like him too much.

The there is Middle Brother - he is married and have one daughter - Middle Brother was the one who was around after Ray died and I look forward to ge to see him again one day.

The of course there is Little Sis and Little Brother - Little Sis is Cousin 1's mum and she has one other kid and Little Brother has one little boy. So that means you have 7 cousins, so far.

For now the next thing I have to look forward to is on the 14th July when I get to see Big Sis again - that might be awkward, as her English is as good as my Algerian i.e. none existent.

I actually need to start learning two language, I of course have to learn proper Greek but I also have to learn Algerian/French.

So Inchallah till we meet

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