Monday, 22 June 2009

Cannot wait to catch up with Little Brother

Was chatting to my brother-in-law (for now on being called Little Brother on here) last night again and cannot wait to see him next week, he also said he was looking forward to it. Even if its only for an hour or two, for now I really look forward to have a massive hug for a member of The Family.

After Monday I can start looking forward to the trip up north. Both me and my flatmate (I will need someone with me otherwise I would totally overwhelmed) are now formally invited and we do not need to find a B&B which is great. The next step is to find out when we are going, for the moment I only know that it is in August. It is quite fitting that the family reunion will happen then, as Ray died on 6th August and on the 16th August this year it would have been his 43 birthday.

But anyhow, after chatting couldn't sleep properly - was remembering Little Brother - when he was 11 and over here for the first time. He was a bit shy but a typical 11 year old - cannot believe he is 26 now and a father - where has the time gone.

He also was one of Ray's favourite brothers, think it was because he was the baby of the family. Actually I think Ray was extremely fond of his two younger brothers.

Before that awful day in August, Ray had planned to go home to Algeria for his birthday and I was asked with picking up some things for The Family. For Little Brother, I do remember picking up a Walkman - that was in the days of tapes and long before MP3 players and such - together with a tape of Oasis' Wonder Wall. I know that I never got around to give it to him, because I came across the tape some years later whilst having one of my annual clear outs. I think they both ended up in a charity shop somewhere. I need to tell him about that one Monday.

But back to Little Brother being 11 and in England for the first time - Uma, him and I had to go shopping and I took them up to Chrisp Street Market in Poplar - the poor little guy had to translate for Uma and me, and the same time he had millions of questions about England and Christmas. He was a sweetheart back then, and I know he sounds like Ray now and I hope he has turned out more like Ray than Strange Brother. (Second oldest brother, who apparently has decided not to keep in touch with The Family and I partly to blame for me losing touch with The Family.)

I did love it when The Family were over here, thinking back, I fell in love with The Family then, it is so unfortunate that we did not get more time together as a family. Then again, I am sure Ray would say that is meant to be this way, maybe his is out there somewhere and pulling some strings for me. If he is, hopefully he has some wonderful plans for us - but just know that The Family cannot wait until a day in the future where they might get to meet you.

For now I cannot wait until Monday!!!

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