Monday, 26 October 2009

Full on month or what!

Still cannot believe how much my life has turned upside down - you are the only one who are missing to make it complete, still trying to figure out a way that can be achieved.

This month has been a bit full on. First I had Katie's 18th party, then last weekend I was up north with Little Sister and the family - and not forgetting Little Brother. Then I got to spend a day with Middle Brother and Weird Brother, and their partners - OK it was a few minutes here and there but still better than nothing.

Weird Brother is looking old - poor guy, but I think your Cousin 3 might have something to do with that together with the with the exhibition they was holding. They were doing a great job and nchalah I will be able to give them a proper hand next year. I offered to help and was roped in to doing bags for the visitors, even managed to run the information booth for a while, not sure if I was a help or hindrance.

I spent more time with Middle Brother and his wife than Weird Brother but that is normal, lol.
It was nice to see Middle Brother and his wife again I even got to speak to your little cousin again (I think that is your Cousin 8). Middle Brother and his wife thinks you look a lot like your Cousins 1 and 2 (more like Cousin 2) and Ray of course. Again, we have come to the conclusion that somewhere along there is a connection between your biological father and The Family.

Aside from spending a few minutes here and there with Weird Brother, I did get to meet his new partner. She seemed OK even if Little Sister and Brother don't really like her. I think that might be a bit more of a culture clash than anything - we got along fine (I think). Compared to the previous model (his first wife) she is easier to get along with and a wast improvement.

After the exhibition finished we all went for dinner - together with the rest of their team, we had all had a great laugh - it's odd that we haven't really changed - older and greyer but that's all.

Then your Cousin 3 has been in touch - I think she is a confused young lady, I'm not sure if she is reaching out to me but its early days yet. Nchalal, she will one day feel that she can come if she needs to. I think you could be a positive influence on her too - maybe not the same way as you currently are doing for Cousin 1. I just get the feeling that if you was around you might be able get through to her. I know she has a some problems with her mum. So she recently moved in with Weird Brother and his partner. I'm sure having someone like you to talk to would be great for her - especially as I know you are a typical 18 year old Greek boy - she would most likely listen an older cousin rather than any of us oldies in her life.

Then to cap off my week, you post a new link on FB - one of my theme songs - this one was from my time in Wapping after Ray died. That song would always bring me out of any black hole I might have been in. It was even played on Katie's birthday party. That girl is a true inspiration to anyone who meets her. Actually, I should introduce you to Katie so have a look on the clip below. Now put together the link you posted with this girl you will understand why that song would always get my out on any black hole I was in - they both still do. Although the black holes are few and far between these days.

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