Sunday, 4 October 2009

Finally some good karma!

This year has been odd!! One of my friend once said I deserved some luck in my life and then suddenly it is all happening, the only thing missing is for us to be in contact. But nchalah that will happend soon.

But so far this year has been fantastic, I have The Family back - Uma even said to me the other day: "J'ai trois filles maintenant, Big Sis, Little Sis et vous" and Little Brother has decided that I'm his proper sister.

On the top of having The Family back, I have some of my old friends back. It made me think that this year has so far been a year for making connections, both old and new, which its why I think it might be the right time for us to connect. I have reconnected with some very good old friends and made some really good new ones. Funnily, you are the common link with many of my connections.

Hopefully, one day I get to introduce you to some of these folk if not all of them.

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