Saturday, 17 October 2009

You are missed by us all

I'm with the family again, its great to spend time with them - we are trying to catch up on years apart.

This time I'm getting to spend time with Little Sis and Little Brother alone. Little Sis and Ray was very close growing up and we both think that that's why we are getting on so well. Both her and Little Brother has introduced me to people around them as their sister and that have been so nice.

You are as always a topic of conversation. We have been looking at some of your new pictures (stolen off FB again, sorry about that) and you definitely have my eyes but we still think that you look so much like Ray. Actually, I think that in one of the pics you are a spitting image of your biological father. There are people in Iran with the same family name as us, so you never know, your biological father might be from the Iranian branch of The Family - the connection might be many generations back, but crazier things have happened.

Little Sis told me that the first time she saw your picture, she thought you was Ray's (biological) son and that I had not told them about you. For The Family, Ray is your dad and nchalah on day you might see him as that also.

Anyway, you should know that without knowing it, you are being a positive influence on Cousin 1, he is sort of looking up to you. Little Sis and I think he has copied your hair style. Also, she thinks you two look a bit the same. But for now, just being your FB friend is "helping" him out. You have the benefit of being role model without realising it - so if you ever wanted younger siblings you have a couple of ready made ones in your cousins.

I so hope that one day that you can spend sometime with him. With your other cousins to, of course. Cousin 1's younger brother (I think he will be Cousin 4 - I'm trying to keep it based on their ages) also looks forward to the day he hopefully gets to meet you.

Your cousins want to get to know you cause you are their older cooler cousin - the one they can turn to for advice, from girls to fashion. With you and Cousin 1, I think you might have to "fight" for the girls - you seem to like the same type of girls, lol.

That why you are missed, that I miss having you in my life is a giving, but for The Family they want to get to know you because they see you as one of them.

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