Monday, 21 September 2009

My dream 40th Party - Part 2

A few months back I wrote about who I would have wanted at my ideal 40th birthday party.

Cannot believe how much has change since then!!!

Still would like all the people I first mentioned to come along but realistically I will have a few drinks with some friends. Get to spend some time with The Family and some other friends after the bday so Im no longer worried about the day itself.

But I still cannot believe that I have The Family back, I'm off to see them again next month and I even got to speak to Weird Brother today. So I only need a chance to speak to Big Brother (and you of course) then my year has been a great success and the family complete.

So any celebration of my birthday will be great, there is only one present I still would like and that is for us to have contact but nchalah that will happen soon.

I'm still panicking about what would happen if I approach you directly and is still considering giving your (adoptive) mum another chance to tell you. But I now know that whatever will happen I am ready for the outcome, good or bad.

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