Monday, 27 April 2009

Trying not to get my hopes up!!!

A friend of me told me today that I should not get my hopes up when it comes to you. I know he's right, but I'm not sure if he knows me well enough!!

I'm one of these people who needs to daydream of what should happen, it is my way of not getting down in the dumps. You see, when I run through a fantasy scenario in my head I sort of switch off and avoid thinking the worst!! Do you do the same??

Went on you profile again (sorry I'm checking up on you every day - but for the moment its my only connection to you), you have posted your favorites of bands, albums etc. When I originally came across you profile I said to my flatmate that it would be so funny if you like a particular band as one of their tracks were sort of my theme tune when I live in Athens, every time I came into Paradise Bar at Lisson the DJ would play this particular song and guess what - it is one of the track on on of your favorite albums. You also like a band I discovered when I was your age.

It is hard not to get my hope up as you come across so similar to me, as I said before I wish it was a way I could get you to read this blog, as I think you might understand me better.

But then again, I have to remember that I was not the one who raised you - although you seem to prove that it is nature rather than nurture that shapes you, I might be wrong. For all I know you might have been told about me and don't want to have anything to do with me.

I still cannot believe some of the coincidence which has shown up between us, one of the quizzes you did likens you to the brand of cigarettes I smokes when I was pregnant with you (sorry about that but I did cut down from about 40 a day to about 5 for you).

We like similar music, similar movies and you following a similar path to me when it come to your education. So I can't help thinking if you might have some to the same personality traits as me - i.e. do you come across at this easy going person but underneath it all you keep a lot to yourself? Then again, as you look like the spitting image of your uncle (different hair colour though) I sometimes wonder if you are anything like him - don't get me wrong that would be a fantastic thing, as you will then been a total charmer who is like by all. You do seem to be a bit of a ladies man, that could be from your father but I would prefer that you have your uncle's charm rather than your father's....

Another thing I am wondering about if whether you are a bit of a night owl, as I'm - if you ever get to read this blog you will realise that most of these posts are from the late evening/night.

So for the moment, I prefer to disappear into my land of fantasy where I can try to guess what would happen when we meet (I will keep thinking that it will happen - whether it is wishful thinking or my gut instinct I am not sure)

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