Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Getting to "know" you!

Since I found your profile, I have spent hours going through it (sorry, I know I cyber-stalking you). But for the moment it is the best way to get to know you.

Having now really looked at your picture, I can see that you have my eyes and some other similarities. Although I think your good looks from your dad.

When you were born, I stupidity decided that I did not want hold you in my arms, I did this because I knew that you had a loving mother and father waiting for you, and I would not have let you go if I had. And after today, although I do regret not holding you, I know I made the right decision. As soon as I found your picture, it felt like I always thought I would feel with you had I kept you rather than placing you with your (adoptive) parents.

But as I said, reading your profile (and trying very hard not send you a friend request) I am getting to know you a bit, if you can from a online profile.

I do wonder if you are like me, a bit of a night owl for one? (As you probably can see from these blogs). In my case, it can have something to do with the 5+ coffee I drink each day. It does look like you are a bit of a caffeine addict yourself!

To my pleasant surprise you seem to be a strong independent and free spirited young man, and if you anything like you come across on your profile I am very proud of you. Don't get me wrong I think I would be proud of you in any case, but for the moment I only have this way to get to know you.

You had a thing on your profile relating to the Athens riots and I recall when they were on, that they reminded me of expecting you. At the time I lived in Platia Viktoria and on more than one occasion we were exposed to "anarchists" and tear gas. So this time around I was feeling home sick for Athens and was wondering if you was involved in anyway!! I was glued to the TV hoping I could see you (oddly enough your profile picture is the only time I have properly seen you).

I am hoping that you soon will like to meet me, but as I have said before I don't know if you even know if you are adopted, but I do hope that you have been told and that your (adoptive) parents is just waiting for you to come home from Uni before showing you my letter and you will want to contact me.

In the meanwhile, I just hope that your use your online profile a lot so I can keep an "eye" on you.

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