Thursday, 25 March 2010

Flipping heck - this is scary

I previously mention that I was searching for a birth mother here in England, the good news is I have made some sort of contact - I found her brother and he asked me to contact him. So I called him and he was kind enough to pass on her contact details.

After speaking to her brother, it was hard not being able to give him any details - I think he might know already. But that was scary. My mouth was dry, my heart pounding and I couldn't speak properly. I was panicking on behalf of the adoptee and I was thinking what if the family knows, what if the birth mother had died, what if she doesn't want contact and of the million of other scenarios was going through my mind.

At least, I have passed on my contact detail to the birth mother and the waiting game begins - I hope that she will get back to me, because I know the adoptee really wants to meet her one day.

It made me think - if you know and want to make contact - you might sit the panicking wondering what would happen if you made that call or sent that email. Please know that yes I will freak out, that is only natural - but I will never reject you.

With you its hard, because Greek law says I cannot make contact - it has to be up to you. So when the day comes - your parents and this organisation have my contact details and they all know that I want you to get in contact. Till then I can only wait.

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