Monday, 27 July 2009

My "rock" is back in my life!!!!

Had a phone call this morning from my rock, Middle Brother, damn I have missed him - but when we spoke it was like we had never been apart.

He also said he would try to get to the family reunion we are having in a couple of weeks. It would have been great if you could been there, but in one way it is good that we are not in contact yet. I definitely think that Ray is out there somewhere, pulling some strings for me. He must be looking down at us all and feeling pleased with himself.

I still cannot believe that the last time I saw or spoke to Middle Brother was the time he introduced me to his future wife - she did seem to be a lovely girl but now at least I will get to know her and my niece.

Actually, just finished chatting with Middle Brother - second time today, but this time I got to see him also, which is great - also got to say hi to your little Cousin, (need for find better names for the Cousins - I getting confused myself).

He is is touch with Weird Brother (if you read this sorry mate - I have my reasons for calling you that), but did ask him to get Weird Brother to call me. I cannot believe I have the whole Family back now - it must be a reason for that!!!

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