Monday, 13 July 2009

Mother Dearest!!

Your Norwegian grandmother found my blog - which mean she knows about you now. No matter what, it still will eventually be your decision whether you want to get to know them. I even read her post about me with interest - its funny, I have been aware of her on-line presence for years - I have even checked out her blogs and web pages on occasions and I think this was the first time she ever mentioned me.

The whole thing with your Norwegian family, they were not perfect but they didn't do anything wrong, it was just that there are better people for me out there! If I had stayed, I'm fairly certain I would have lost my sanity.

My mother wasn't a bad sort, I just think she tried too hard to be a best friend rather than a mother. But when I left there was so many things going in my life and Mana sort of rescued me, but it made me realise that my life in Norway was over and I was better off starting a "fresh" life and leaving Norway behind forever. So, for now, I will allow my mother to follow this blog - I might change my mind at a later stage - so to my mother, don't bother trying to contact me.

You might find it strange that I have in essence cut off my Norwegian family, but I want to find you. The simple reason is I need to know that you have been given the choice of whether you want to know about me or not. I have always hoped that you might want to know me, but also know that you might not want anything to do with me, but as long as I know you have had the option to choose I would be happy.

But in the middle of doing this post, I got a call from Little Brother and I got to speak to Uma - I can't wait to see them all in August. Cousin 1 was disappointed to realised I would only be there for a week, they want me to stay longer -so you never know, I might decide to move up North, at least I might be able to afford to buy a house up there.

Big Sis is not arriving tomorrow but rather next week, but another week and I get to hug another member of The Family - I cannot wait.

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