Friday, 7 August 2009

To day was not as bad as I though it would be!!!

Today was the anniversary for Ray's death - I thought it would be more intense this year as I have The Family back, but for now it has not been bad at all, still felt down, but no more than I normally do on this day. Then again, I haven't spoken to any of them today - what tomorrow will bring I'm not sure - the thing is Ray's death sort of happened over a few days for me.

There was our last conversation (the night before the accident), the day of the accident and the day we were told. Today was anniversary of the day of the accident and not the day we were told, so I'm not sure what day The Family regards as "the day".

I will call Middle Brother tomorrow, no matter what, it will just be nice to speak to him again. As Uma & Baba are now in the country, I will also try to get to speak to them also tomorrow.

As I said before, I get to see The Family during Ramadan and Little Sis house if full of family and will be so for the next few weeks. She currently has Weird Brother's two oldest kids staying with her, which is good - as I don't think they know the family too well. I did actually chat - briefly with one of them (technically I think that would be your Cousin 2 - if I use the term chronologically).

Not sure if he knew about me from Weird Brother or from being told by Big and Little Sis and Cousin 1, he was surprised that he had met me once - as a baby - so I think Weird Brother must have told them about me.

Will ask Middle Brother for his telephone number, might as well bit the bullet and call him also - it would be nice to speak to the first member of The Family I ever met.

A friend suggested that I do something Ray would have liked in honour of his memory, so I did - you would actually like this one, but its not something I would put on here - so if we ever get to met do ask me about that!

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