Sunday, 30 August 2009

Last night with the family (for now)!!!

Tonight is my last night here with the family, don't really want to go home but have to. It has been lovely to speak to them about you and Ray, they are all hoping to one day meet you, and as they all say nchalah, it will happen one day.

Today was spent comparing YouTube clips of Algeria and Greece and we have all come to the realisation that the two countries are very similar, including architecture, nature, food and music. We all hope of course that you can see Algeria and you can show the family around Greece.

It has been so loveley to be with them over the past week and as I keep saying them, they will not get rid of me now and I will come again soon. Also, Little Brother just explained when we were speaking about Weird Brother's partner choices, that the difference with them and me is that I'm their sister and part of the family and Weird Brother's partners has not been liked.

We have been joking about The Family traits which I have "inherited" - sleeping, permanently attached to a computer and a belly, it would be funny if you had them too. They all agree with me in that Ray was your father in every sense of the word.

About time to get ready for bed as I have an early flight tomorrow so Brother-in-law and Baba is getting up at the crack of dawn with me.

Nearly forgot, Cousin 1 has added you as a friend on FB and it will be interesting to see if you accept him and where it will go from there, so again nchalah.

So for now aγαπώ τον γιο and الله يكون على استعداد ، فلن نجد في بعضها البعض قريبا

με όλη την αγάπη μου, μαμά xxx

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