Friday, 15 February 2013

I'm wondering who many out there like me?

OK, I have been a bit quite on the blogging front... it is just that I have not had too much to say, then I read this post over at my favorite blog Musing of the Lame.  Yes, the post fully resonate with me..still it made me many of my fellow birth mothers, found themselves in a foreign country when they made THAT fateful decision?

If there are any other birth mothers out there who placed their child in a country they felt at home in but not their home country....for me the old adage of "Home is where your heart is at" impacted on my decision to place my son for adoption.  Had I not felt at home in Greece, I would not have placed my son there....for me it was a bit like: "I love Greece and I want to leave something of me in Greece".  Yes, now I know that is not a valid reason....still as a 21 year old scared girl it was the right thing to do...selfish yes...still something which felt right at the time.

Reading other blogs and other birth mothers narratives, I recognize their feelings...they mirror my own...still... it is always that one thing that is missing.. their child was placed in their home country...not in a foreign country.

So my question is simple do you deal with having to deal with your emotions and to top it all, wondering how to prepare for your search and potential reunion taking into account that you might not speak your child's native language, comprehend their culture and at the same time acting within their home country's laws.

Would you like me, try to learn their language, do whatever you can do within the laws of your child's country to facilitate a reunion or do you go full steam ahead..(I have contact details for my son) and just drop the bombshell that you want a reunion?

For me it is simple, my son's feelings and welfare is more important that mine, even it it means that I'm currently in a emotional limbo...I will just have to wait to the time is matter how much I want it to happen right NOW.

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