Monday, 31 December 2012

A place of rememberance

Last year, whilst spending my time with the family, I wrote about culture clash and grief and the fact that I was being taken to this beach where my new friend and I could remember our husbands.

Sadly, I have not had the chance to go back there before now but was lucky enough to be able to take Baba and Little Brother with me.   Baba loved the place, it a perfect place for us to remember Radouane when we are not able to go to Algeria, especially as Radouane loved the beach.

Initially, the family could not understand my need for having a symbolic place to remember him, especially as I am unable to visit his grave. I think that Little Brother managed to explain why it was important to me

So it is very fitting that I found a beach to be our place of remembrance for him.  At the same time it is an see Radouane was on his way back from the beach when he died.  As he loved the beach and as Baba said, he would have loved it here, I think I found the perfect spot for our two cultures to come together and remember him.  Hopefully, sometime during the spring the whole family will be able to go least all of the UK family.

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