Monday, 19 September 2016

Sorry to tell you this but you are still drinking the Kool-Aid...

I haven't really posted for a while...actually a long while...that is because I'm at peace where I emotionally are at when it comes to adoption.

I no longer focus on whether or not my son will allow me into his life....I know he is happy and content, and if he eventually wants me in his life I would welcome that...actually I would LOVE that....but I have learnt to live with the fact that he might not want to know me.

My energy is now more focused on two thing...where I can advocating for children's rights and two enjoying the art...I'm lucky I might one day be able to combine them both.

On FB in on a group about the adoption trauma and as per usual it was a bit of a heated debate about adoption.#

Reading through the posts, I did realise something...Kool Aid comes in a load for flavours...and they are all as bad as each other....preferring one flavour doesn't make you a know it all.

My response to this statement made my blood boil "Adoption is never necessary no matter the circumstance"  

My response was as it follows:

I have spent most of my day thinking if there were any other option to using adoption as a last resort...maybe it because of the definition of the last resort is different between Europe and the USA (ratify the UNCRC please) we disagree. I will give you a couple of "my" extreme examples (they are loosely based upon real cases) and where I think adoption would be in the best interest for the child. If you can give me other solutions I will be more than happy to champion your solutions to the relevant authorities.

Case 1) (UK) 3 year old girl having been sexually and mentally abused in the household with a history of abuse going back generations...despite social services and and local child welfare organisations trying to get the family counselling and keeping the child within the family unit. It is not possible and long term she is at a high risk of being sexuality exploited by most family members and other older local men, despite intense counselling for the whole family The girl is currently in foster care however, unless there are major changes within the family unit, she will always be at risk. So all family routes has been exhausted, do you want to leave the child in foster care for the next 15 years? Or allow an European style adoption where there are some (although limited) contact with the biological family?

Case 2) (Greece) 8 year old boy, with a drug depended mother...the mother had over the years had another 12 children, who has always been abandoned either to distant family member or to strangers. Since the child was born they have been on the street (in may I say foreign country) and been used as a tool for begging....since the child was "discovered" by a local children's welfare charity the mother has been put through and offered drugs counselling and detox programs, she did two...including offers of settling her into her own property and having her child back when she was clean. The child have been discovered to have sever mental disabilities due to the mother's drug use and will need medical care for the rest of his life. In Greece, unless funding for a foster family is found he will be in an institution for the rest of his life...he would have a higher chance of being adopted (and his adoptive parents taking on the burden of his medical bills)...but I would welcome your solution to this situation.

Case 3) (Greece) This one is a hot topic now...lets say you have two Syrian twins aged about 5 years old...they survived the journey from Turkey to Levos in Greece however their parents and siblings died on the journey....a local NGO working with the UN discovers them in a camp and realise that they are alone...after some searching it is found that no biological family is alive...again what would be your solution, would you leave them in the camps to be abused or get them long term foster parents or place them for adoption

For me it is very simple, I made a mistake 25 years ago when I signed the papers relinquish my son....rather feeling sorry for myself...I rather spend my energy on advocating children's rights and to make sure that a young pregnant girl will know ALL the facts about her options, whether or not I agree with her...her choice will be her choice I can only teach her what I know. The examples I gave you are circumstance I know has happened...and no these children has yet to be my challenge to you all...find a better solution than adoption in these three cases, I dare you.

On a final note...I used to love the phrase drinking the cool aid...but I have realised that some of you actually have only changed the flavour..some of you have gone for saying adoption was great to it is now the most evil thing on the planet...if that is not changing the flavour I do not know.

PS block me report me or whatever...this gal is no longer drinking Kool Aid whichever flavour

So it would be interesting to see who responds...I guess the person getting me started have drunk too much of the Cool Aid will not respond...if she does not it will be as gratifying as getting Jehovah's witnesses agree that they cannot be a pacifist.

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