Friday, 8 November 2013

Severance – The Culture and Narratives of Modern Adoption

Today, I went to see this art exhibition in London...I wanted to go and see some really raw emotions though art...ok on that point I was disappointed...great exhibition but not as raw emotions on display as I expecting. I got to chat to one of the organisers from http://www/ to tell you the truth I have never thought off adoption from her perspective...she is a amum who adopted an older child out of the system and has fought to have an open adoption with her child's birth family..and is fairly successful in this...The Open Nest is an organisation who is supporting adoptees and allows adoptees connect with other adoptees...what I hadn't realised was that they are adoptees from the foster care system...since I normally see adoption from my birth mother's perceptive and from the infant adoption side of adoption...I had never really thought of the affect adoption has on young people removed from abusive homes and put into the system. If you are in London the exhibition is at the Severance at The Gallery, 25 Hanbury Street, off Brick Lane...11am to 7pm and worth a quick look see.

Since getting more involved in the adoption community I have always admired supported adoption out of the foster care system and often stand on my soapbox supporting adoption from the system...without realising that these adoptees are the most damaged and need the most support.

I keep saying to my "real" life friends that I would love to be able to counsel people in adoption related issues and then realising that I only know my side of the I have promised myself that 2014 will be the year I fully embraced adoption and have been pointed in the direction of a few organisation that I will share when I have checked them out

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