Thursday, 23 December 2010

Watching Juno with my "adoption hat" on

Normally when I watch a movie, I sort of empty my head and try to watch the movie without any preconceptions - as I did the first time I watch Juno.  Since then, I have read a number adoption blogs that either praise and slate the movie, so I decided to watch it again - this time wearing my "adoption hat".

The way I see it (and the way I saw it at the time), Juno and I are very similar - often it is easier to explain how I felt felt when placing you for adoption by getting people to watch Juno instead.  Of course there are major differences between the fictional character of Juno and myself,  but here is some of the similarities: 

  • When we found out we were pregnant, abortion was dismissed (different reasons for her and me) and very quickly we decided that placing our child for adoption was for the best. 

  • Neither of us thought about the long term effects this would have on us, nor did we have anyone pressuring us to place our child for adoption.  We both made a decision and stuck to it and did not think of the long term impact it would have on us.

  • Both of us tried to detach our self from our pregnancies by putting the adoptive parents feelings before our own. I think we saw the PAPs (prospective adopted parents) as the perfect parents and wouldn't like anything to shatter that "illusion". 

  • We both didn't understand enough about adoption to know the difference between "open" and "closed" adoptions.  We did end up on opposite sides of that one - she wanted a "closed" adoption and got an "open" by having a relationship with the PAPs .  Whilst I wanted an "open" adoption and got a "closed" adopted by not having a relationship with your parents before you were born. 
  • Outwardly we would appear very blasé about the adoption process - although nothing is father from the truth. 

Now, it would be fantastic if someone would make sequel to Juno showing the effect the adoption would have had on Juno twenty years down the line.  Still, Juno is still a cracking little movie and I would recommend anyone to watch it.

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