Saturday, 10 April 2010


We had some bad news from Algeria today..Uma is very ill, and it might be goodbye... I just hope that she get a chance to meet you before the end but its unlikely.

At least if she goes, Radouane will be there to take care off her and guide her though it.

The scary thing is tonight I might loose my mum and it frighting, considering that I haven't had that much time with her. But the only thing I can think of now is how the fuck can I get to Algeria to spend some time with her, if it is her last days. I'm freaking out, I dont want her to go as I still need her in my life.

The stupid thing is my French so rubbish that I might even not have the chance to call her to say goodbye. But I will find a way, beg, borrow or steal as they say over her... I will get to say goodbye, even if its only on here.

So excuse my bad French

Maman, Je t'aime de tout mon cœur et s'il vous plaît restez avec moi, je
ne peut pas vous perdez encore, même si je sais que tu veux être avec ma
l'amour Radouane

Votre fille aimante xxxx

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