Wednesday, 27 January 2010

I'm quite lucky, I think!!

It is nearly a year since my trip to Athens and the start of my search for you and reflecting on the year that have passed, I think I have been very lucky.

Over the past year I have trawled the internet and found a number of sites that deals with adoptions. I also have found some great friends on that road - people in similar situations to us.

From the people I have had contact with, I know that I have been extremely lucky. Within a few months, I had your details and found your profile - knowing what you look like is such as blessing. Not forgetting having the family back in my life and that they have embraced you as one of their own - even if they have never met you.

So, my journey over the past year has actually been positive - the only little niggle is not knowing if you know or not. But as I said in my previous post, I will now assume that you know and will contact me if and when you are ready.

However, I have promised myself that if I could help anyone in our situation I would.

That lead me to searching for a birth mother here in England - boy is that hard, I just hope that one day I will find her for her child. This made me think how lucky I have been to have the information I do have for you.

When the day comes for you and if you want to find me, your parents would hopefully already have given you my contact details. If not, and you need to search for me, I just hope I have made it as easy as possible for you to find me.

Aside from that I think I might have found myself a Greek tutor, because I really need to improve my Greek. I'm getting fairly good a reading both greeklish and Greek but what is the point of reading a language is you cannot speak it.

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