Thursday, 7 January 2010

If they are right, it starts to make sense!!

I recently came across an adoption forum and has spent most of today chatting to a couple of people on the site. It has passed the day, as it has been a proper winter's day here - England has proper snow but too cold to do anything interesting.

But back to my chats today... one of the people pointed out that I'm wrong to assume you don't know you are adopted. They pointed out that the likelihood is that you know, and even might have been told about my letter. Taking into account you age and the fact that you are still in school, might be why there has not been contact yet. Or, that you have been told but your parents are waiting for you to finish your schooling before passing on my contact details.

However, if you know it might explain a few thing... like you adding Cousin 1 on FB, and some of your likes and links. But then again, it can all be just a coincidence.
It would be so much easier if I knew for sure - it feels right to think that you know. That feeling is hard to explain, I have had a few of "what if" you know episodes before, but the way I was explained it today makes sense.

So, now it is a waiting game - if I assume you know - I have always said contact must be your choice. I can handle you not wanting to know me, I will be hurt but will accept your decision. It is the not knowing bit that is hard...

Aside from that, I have realised that this time of year must be exciting for you, with you name day, Christmas and your birthday all so close together... when you was little you must have loved it and you was probably spoilt rotten by your parents. I just hope that one day I get a chance to see pictures of you as a little lad... I'm sure you had a little mischievous little glint in your eyes because you still have that now.

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