Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Finally started my blog

Having spend a hour or so creating my new blog, I have decided that all my facebook friends deserve to see it.

I was never a good writer nor did I ever keep a diary, but as this blog is dedicated to a young man in Greece, I feel it is my duty to ensure I at least attempt to keep writing, so if I take to long to write something new, please give me a nudge.

Actually, I need to thank two people from back in the days for even sitting here in Vathias Square in Athens writing this. Sam, if I had not found you website I would probably only have talked about going back and finding my boy and Claus, just for making me jealous of your wandering life, you are doing what I wished I would have done and both for taking part in making my whom I am today. I am having an Amstel for both of you

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