Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Day 2 of my trip

Woke up this morning for my first full day back here in Athens, have a basic breakfast at my hotel. Cricky, Mana at Joy's did spoil us back in the days with scrabbled eggs, fresh bread and damson jam. Actually, I think even the scary Mana at Iokastis did do fresh fried eggs.

After being a total tourist for the day, I even saw the changing of the guard for the first time, but didn't do the Acropolis. Have done that too many times before. But managed to find a place where they sell slovakies (gyro pitas) and Amstel beer.

I wandered down Michael Volda towards Aphrodite and found to my shock and horror it has been closed for refurbishment for the next two months, that is my typical luck.

However, decide to wander down to Diethnes and is pleasantly surprised to find that something has not changed. Diethnes still have the same owner Christos, although the hostel is now 3-star hotel, he gave me the guided tour and showed me the new roof bar. In my day, Lino, Scoogie and me would enjoy Pink Floyd and few joints there.

The way Diethnes has been renovated I would have not problems recommending it to any Athens travelers, I wish I stayed there now. Considering it was the first place I stayed when I got to Athens 18 years ago when it was not that good.

Christos also told me that Aphrodite and Zorbas apparently have the same owners as back in the days, to bad neither of them was around to chat to my it was nice to speak to someone who remembers some of my old friends.

On my way back to my hotel, I walked passed what I think might have been the Paradise Bar, if it is the same it is still a slightly dodgy bar.

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