Friday, 29 June 2012

A Million Tears I Cried

A fellow blogger over at Living in the Shadows shared a beautiful poem today aptly called Beautiful and it made me search other adoption related poems, I found this poem and wanted to share it you all

A million tears I cried,
A thousand deaths I've died.
My baby & I were torn apart,
Now there's emptiness in my heart.

It's best for all they say -
You'll get over it some day.
Your baby will have a mom & a dad,
still - why do I feel so bad?

You & I worked so hard to be born
And at last you greet the early morn.
All I get is that one glance.
Oh baby, if only we had a chance.

The hospital is an empty place
When I can no longer see your face.
A memory to carry me through the years
Thoughts of you to release the tears.

A million tears I've cried
A thousand deaths I've died.
Some other mother will be foremost in your heart.
I'll have to go on somehow, Get a fresh start.

But to every child your age I look to see
if there might be some inherited part of me.
And every time a child is lost or dies,
I hope that he's not mine, my heart & soul cries

I hope your parents will love you as much as I do
And that your troubles in life will be few.
And every year on that special day
my heart celebrates in it's own way.

For you are alive & growing
And I take comfort in knowing
that perhaps some day my heart will be free
when your loving face again I see.
By Monica Bunton

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