Thursday, 12 January 2012

The bravest girl I know

Today on This Morning a beautiful young lady appear to spread the word about  neurofibromatosis... unfortunately the show did mistakenly refer to it at the same condintion as the Elephant Man had and referred it to as NR1... The short name for the condition is NF... Katie's condition is Type 1 so the shorten name should be NF1.  Still they did a fantastic job with the interview and made sure that the presenters were corrected.

I have had the pleasure of knowing this young lady for years.. with bit of a gap in there...but even during this time she was always an inspiration to me.  

You see... because of her... I do not allow myself to feel sorry for me... she says it so well "I have Neurofibromatosis but Neurofibromatosis does not have me".   So thank you, Katie for teaching me that don't let the negatives rule you life... make the best of what you taught me that when you were five years old.

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