Saturday, 14 March 2009

Made a big decision!

I have decided to contact my son, or at least his father. I thought long and hard about this one, as my information is that my son's parents has now divorced I needed to make a decision whether 1) I would make first contact and 2) to whom, his mother or father.

As I think is most likely that he lives with his mother I have decided to approach his father. Hopefully, he will at least send me a photograph or two of him. I hope!!!

I just hope that if my information is correct and they did divorce that their divorce was not acrimonious and that they have a good relationship for my son's behalf.

My letter has been written and rewritten a number of times and now when I am happy about the wording, I just have to make sure it is readable, my handwriting at times can be atrocious. Then, I need to find someone to take some photos of me, so I can send down to him, hopefully he will want them.

The best present I can have for my 40th this year would be to meet him and he want to foster a releationship with me. But that is probally a bit much to ask.

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